Endeavor is an organisation of, by, and for entrepreneurs. To support its mission and ongoing operations, Endeavor has established an annual membership fee for all Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

We want our entrepreneurs to multiply and grow their effect:

As community leaders and role models, Endeavor Entrepreneurs reinvest their knowledge, credibility and financial gains in the next generation of entrepreneurs, thus multiplying their influence. In particular, they mentor earlier-stage innovators, share their stories to inspire future generations, and spearhead socially.

How we measure success:



Numbers matter for us. Our impact is measured annually with a survey that collects data on the performance of our entrepreneurs and proves the impact of our network.

Net Promoter Score

The opinion of our entrepreneurs matter to us and help us to improve our services and build a satisfied network. Entrepreneurs are requested to complete an Annual Satisfaction Survey; a simple one-question satisfaction survey that will take 3 minutes and is critical to improve our operations.

Endeavor defines and tracks “high-impact” across four dimensions

  1. Grow Revenue | Incremental revenue growth per annum for 3 years post-selection
  2. Grow Jobs | Total new job growth from selection to current year
  3. Accelerate Quickly | Revenue CAGR for 3 years following selection
  4. Ecosystem Impact | Multiplier effect – Nr of touchpoints by an entrepreneur (mentoring, investing in others, etc.) / Exits – financing or exit activity.