Harvest Fund

Who are we?

The Harvest Funds, established by Endeavor SA, and modelled off Endeavor Global’s successful Catalyst Funds, is a ‘first of its kind in Africa’ rules-based co-investment fund investing in local Endeavor Entrepreneurs.

Harvest co-invests alongside credible lead investors and leverages Endeavor’s rigorous selection process – one that selects market-leading, founder-led companies with exceptionally strong local & global growth, scalable IP, a pay-it-forward mindset, and robust returns.  The Harvest Funds are structured such that 100% of the GP’s carry will be reinvested back into the ecosystem.


The growing portfolio of Harvest Funds is outlined below


Harvest Fund III, capital raising in progress

  • Harvest Fund III follows in the footsteps of Harvest Fund II, is a rules-based co-investment fund.
  • Expanded Pan African focus, with up to 15% allocation to Endeavor Entrepreneurs from other Endeavor Africa Offices (Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria)
  • Targeting a first close in early 2024.

Harvest Fund II, est. 2021

  • Harvest Fund II, with total fund size of R190m, is a rules-based co-investment fund.
  • Focuses on majority Endeavor Entrepreneurs from the Endeavor South Africa portfolio, those that have passed both the local and international selection panels.
  • Allocates up to 25% to earlier stage, emerging Endeavor Entrepreneurs with global scalability.
  • 19 Deals in 17 investee companies to date, almost fully deployed.
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Harvest Investment Team

Capital Markets Lead

Marc Herson

Senior Advisor

Managing Director